188bet Poker Review

Rating: 6
188bet Poker Review
No Signup Bonus

Notice: 188Bet ceased operating in Great Britain, Ireland, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, and Gibraltar. 

188bet are an Asian focused gambling site whose main focus is sports betting and casino games. While they do offer a poker client, their lack of bonuses and promotions put them well down the list of the best Microgaming poker sites. If you play alot of blackjack, slots, baccarat or other tables games, or you like to bet alot on sports, then 188bet is an excellent choice.

  • Huge worldwide brand with a large presence in Asia and Europe.
  • Great promotions for casino players and sports bettors.
  • Offer 6 different language options including Chinese, Thai, and Korean.
  • Brilliant customer service with live chat option available 24/7.


188bet - Great Potential But Lack of Bonus is Big No No

While sponsorship of football teams can be a great thing for a company, bringing about a huge deal of exposure, it can also work the other way. If an individual doesn’t like the team, they are going to carry that dislike of the team onto their sponsors and for 188Bet, their association with Bolton Wanderers isn’t doing them any favours for me. Big Sam, the route one football, all the players called Kevin, the high and nasty elbows and even the way that Owen Coyle dressed and spoke all meant that Bolton were one of the teams that really annoyed and by proxy, any company that sponsored them annoyed me too (sorry Bolton fans).

Under protest and after it being pointed out that I was acting very immaturely, I decided it was only fair that I give 188bet a chance. After all I shouldn’t let my position as an Arsenal fan make me biased against a poker site, regardless of who they sponsor.

And so I continued on my Microgaming journey to 188bet in my quest to find the best MPN poker site.

Eastern Flavour

188bet do a lot of business in Europe but the largest part of their business is actually in the far east. They’re what’s known as an Asian bookie, essentially a gambling site whose main target audience is countries in Asia. This shines through in their website where they offer Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean and Indonesian languages.

Don’t let that put you off though. Their European operations are also huge and they have a large player base from all around Europe. As well as poker, they also offer sports betting, financial spread betting, casino games, and live dealer games. They also have a pretty sweet mobile site, but this can only be used for casino and sports betting.

One of the nice features of their website is the live chat option. Having played at every site on the network over the past 2 months or so, it has irked me when I’ve gone to a site and found the only way to contact support is via phone or email. Sure for the most part support is pretty quick at getting back, but getting instant answers via live chat is a nice touch and something any legit site should try to implement. So 188 definitely scores some browning points in this regard.

Rush Pok…. I Mean Blaze Poker

Rush or Fast or Blaze or Speed Poker. There are so many different names for the form of poker first released by Full Tilt that it’s starting to become a little confusing. Nonetheless, I admittedly love MPN’s form of the game called Blaze Poker and the set-up at 188 allows for some fast and tasty gaming sessions. Life is too short to be wasting time on poker hands that are going nowhere so make sure you make the most of your time by checking out these quick and simple to play games.

I found that whenever I was playing the 188Bet Poker room, this was the option I chose the most.

There is also an anonymous poker option where you can play without a username. This can help you stay fresh and undetected by better players or trackers. This isn’t something that I’m too keen on as I always like to know my opponents, but I appreciate that some poker players really welcome this sort of thing. If it brings more people to a poker site then IMO it can only be a positive.

Poker Plays Second Fiddle to the Other Side of the Business

As the player pool for cash games, sitngos and multi-table tournaments are shared between each site on the network(Unibet is an exception to this rule), players should generally pick a site based on other factors such as support, bonuses and other promotions.

While I’m a big fan of 188Bet I really get the feeling like poker is more a secondary business for them. They do very little to advertise or promote their poker room and don’t even have information about their big daily and weekly tournaments on their website. If a company cannot be bothered to promote the big games, they can’t blame poker players for not bothering to turn up to play them. With 188Bet Poker, you strongly get the feeling that they only offer a poker element because they feel that they should as opposed to the fact that they feel as though it is something that they need to provide. Plenty of online gaming sites manage to provide a wide range of gaming activities while providing a fair share of resources to their poker room; sadly that is somewhat lacking at 188Bet Poker.

Getting Money In and Out

Using the same wallet options as the rest of the site is always a good thing for poker sites and I like the fact that there are plenty of deposit methods to choose from. All of the standard debit and credit card options are available. There are plenty of e-wallet and regional options too. If you decide that 188Bet Poker is a site that you wish to play on, there will be plenty of deposit methods for you to choose from.

Ehhhh – Where’s My Signup Bonus

So while I can accept the fact a company puts more resources into the sides of their business that make the most profit, I can’t accept them blatantly neglecting others. In this day and age pretty much every poker site on the planet is offering a decent signup bonus. Somewhat unbelievably, 188 Poker does not. They offer a  whopper of a casino bonus, but the poker bonus is non-existent. Nothing, nada, zilch. Not one cent.

This was a deal killer for me as my main goal in my MPN mission was to clear bonuses while playing at each skin. So here 188Bet Poker registers a massive fail. For those still skeptical, rest assured I checked their website, checked Google and even spoke to their live support to triple check that I wasn’t somehow overlooking it. They confirmed that they don’t offer a signup bonus for poker. The only promotions they offer for new players are a couple of freerolls and value-added tournaments that probably have a few thousand players in it. is definitely a deal-breaker for me as far as I’m concerned with the 188Bet Poker site.

My Verdict – No Bonus = Goodbye for Now

The fact that 188Bet Poker cannot be bothered to provide you with a welcome bonus is everything that you need to know. They’ve set their stall out as a company that focuses on casino and sports betting as their main source of income, with poker a secondary consideration. This is a pity as I love their site and see them as a company who has huge potential.

Using the Microgaming software means that you are never going to go too wrong when it comes to the games themselves but the truth of the matter is that there are better options for poker players on the network. If you can live with no bonus and no promotional activity or you’re more of a casino player, then sure by all means play at 188bet. But if like me your main focus is poker, I’d suggest giving them a miss.

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