Cool Hand Poker Review

Rating: 7
Cool Hand Poker Review
200% up to €200 Bonus

Cool Hand Poker were a latecomer to the online poker business though aggressive marketing and promotions have made them one of the bigger sites on the MPN network.

While the claims of having no sharks on their site irks me due to the fact it is false, they are still better than the majority of other sites on the MPN network. If you need a new MPN skin at which to clear a bonus that has excellent customer support, then Cool Hand is a sold option.

  • Website filled with misinformation.
  • Poker school not fit for even the most inexperienced players.
  • Solid bonus and support team.
  • Owned by a large casino operator.


Cool Hand Poker - A Cool Choice

If first impressions count, I have to say that Cool Hand Poker didn’t impress me at all. It seemed far removed from the sort of professional set-up I look for from an online poker site. However, after speaking to some friends of different poker skills and experience, it seemed as though the site was deliberately aiming at the new and casual poker player, which makes a lot more sense.

So while they were given the thumbs up by some poker friends, I still wasn’t convinced. The MPN poker network is home to some of the world’s biggest poker companies such as BetVictor and Betsson. Those guys are the competition so my job was to see how Cool Hand Poker squares up against these guys. Can they hold their own or are they just another poker skin?

A Relatively New Player in the Online Poker Game

Cool Hand Poker are a relative newcomer to the online poker scene dealing their first hands in 2008. I did a lot of searching to find details about the company’s ownership, though numerous Google searches returned very little information. It would appear they are owned by a company called the Carmen Media Group though this is not confirmed.

One thing that I did confirm is that Cool Hand Poker are owned by the same people that own some of the world’s most popular casinos – Jackpot City, River Belle and Lucky Nugget just to name a few. This is encouraging as these are a very profitable casino group meaning they are well financed and that as such your money should be safe with them.

Thinly Veiled Lies

One thing that really annoyed me about Cool Hand Poker is their website. Their corporate slogan is “No Pros!, No Hustlers!, No Sharks!”. To say that this is a load of garbage is an understatement.

Every poker site big and small has sharks. This is even truer when a site is part of a network such as MPN. Cool Hand Poker’s motto is therefore nothing but an outright lie, a complete fabrication hoping to dupe naive players who aren’t experienced with online poker. Personally, as someone who’s been playing online poker for a long time, I find it downright insulting that they would proudly display this trash on their homepage.

For me, when it comes to gambling online nothing is more important than trust. You need to trust the site you play at 100%. When the first thing that greets me on CHP’s website is a prominently displayed, enormous lie, then their credibility and trustworthiness go right out the window.

Poker School – Are the Teachers on Sick Leave?

another feature of the CHP website is their poker school. This is billed as a place for newer players to come and learn about poker. I actually thought, wow this is a pretty sweet feature. That was, until I actually clicked in and read the syllabus.

CHP’s poker lessons like their corporate slogan is a load of crap. Their lessons are few and far between and offer absolutely nothing of value. If you have never played poker before, then the “top ten poker hands” lesson may be of value, but even that is filled with poor advice. The articles in the school section are poorly written, have thin useless content and do nothing but reinforce the idea that Cool Hand Poker is a site that should be avoided.

Easy to Deposit and Withdraw

Cool Hand Poker offers all the standard depositing options with debit card and credit cards being the most widely used. They also accept prepaid cards and vouchers, bank transfers and ewallets. All of these options are also available for cashing out.

Signup Bonus

One of the best features of CHP is their bonus offer. You get a 200% matched bonus on your initial deposit which goes all the way up to €200, €10 of which is made available instantly. The remainder of the bonus is released in increments as you play. I like the fact that you get some of the bonus straight away as this can help if you start off by running bad at the tables. If I wanted to be cynical I could say the bonus is stingy when compared to other skins who offer up to €1000, but hey I think I’ve been hard enough on them already. Likewise, the CHP bonus actually clears quicker than that of many of their competitors so this is a big plus point for CHP players.

Cool Hand Poker – A Solid Choice for Bonus Hunters

The sad truth for most online gambling companies , especially those in the poker industry is that they will find it hard to compete with the bigger publicly traded companies who have much bigger marketing budgets and way more staff.

Cool Hand tries to push itself as a fish filled site but anyone who knows anything about poker will know this is not true. If Cool Hand Poker is to continue to be successful they should push the aspects of their site that makes them competitive with other MPN skins, namely their first deposit bonus and their customer support. Both of these are in line with the best on the network, and this is where they should be pushing their branding efforts.

Overall, these guys aren’t the best on the network. However, they are safe, secure, have excellent promotions and provide extremely good customer support. And for those reasons, I can recommend Cool Hand Poker as a solid MPN skin.

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