Stan James Poker Review

Rating: 4
Stan James Poker Review
200% up to $1250

Stan James Poker is the poker arm of one of the UK’s high street bookmaking chains. Unfortunately in April 2014, the company went rogue, closing large number of poker affiliate accounts without warning, taking all future income on those accounts for themselves.

This was no coincidence as they timed it to coincide with the 2014 World Cup, the busiest betting time on the football calendar. With this type of unethical behaviour I strongly advise staying away from Stan James, as MPN has numerous sites that are more trustworthy.

  • UK gambling company who renegued on contracts with all it's marketing partners.
  • Unethical marketing practises make them a risky site to play at.
  • Screw their marketers and have same ability to screw players.
  • Beware of StanJames forum shills spreading misinformation.


Stan James - Not to be Trusted

Important editor’s note:Please do not heed the review below. This is out of date. The opening paragraph at the top of this page explains why you should avoid playing at Stan James

Whenever I spend any money online, I prefer to do so with a company whose name I know and whose background I am aware of. As most people will know, Stan James has a long history in the bookmaking industry, especially in the UK where they have been one of the biggest betting operators for more than 30 years. And while the “Stan James Poker” name may not have as long and illustrious a history as their betting operations, they are a site who I would deem as 110% trustworthy and safe to play at.

When it comes to finding poker sites that I am willing to try out, I am much more confident when I know of a firm from ‘pre-internet’ days. This means that Stan James gets off to a flying start and it is a poker site that I have grinding a lot of hours at recently, as I continue my Magellan-esque navigation of the various Microgaming Poker skins.

Bonus and Promotions

A nice perk of signing up with Stan James is that you get a no deposit bonus of $5 upon joining the site. While I’m not quite a micro-limit grinder, I’ll never say no to free money, so getting a fiver for nothing was a good way to start my time at Stan James’ poker room.

On top of this they also offer one of the best signup bonuses on MPN. While most sites do a 100% match bonus, Stan James has a 200% matched bonus to take advantage of, up to a maximum of $1250. So while most sites will give you a $625 bonus for depositing $625, Stan James will give you $1250. There is a downside to this though. The deposit bonus is only available in US dollars and is not available in Euros. Hailing from Europe myself and using Euros on a daily basis, this was a bit frustrating. However, that’s a minor issue. The fact is the bonus is better than most of the competition so one can’t be too critical.

As well as great bonuses, Stan James Poker also run a number of other promotions exclusive to their site. Their monthly rake races reward their most frequent customers in the form of free cash. The more hands you play, the better chance you have of winning a big cash prize.

They also have a similar promotion for sitngo tournaments that rewards you based on performance. The top 100 players who hold the best records in 10 consecutive sitngos are rewarded with a cash prize. These rewards are available at micro, low, medium and high stakes, so if you’re a micro-grinder don’t worry, you won’t be competing against the sharks for the cash prizes.

If that wasn’t enough they also have free to enter tournaments for new players with real cash up for grabs and a wide variety of seasonal promos that are run throughout the year.

A Short Word of Warning

The one negative that can be said about Stan James is about their limit on cash games. Players can only play a max of 4 cash game tables at any one time. On other skins on the MPN network this limit is not enforced.

Why is this? One of MPN’s strict policies is that each skin on their network must bring in a steady number of recreational players, as well as the big raking pro players who help drive up a site’s monthly poker revenues. In 2013, Stan James’s contribution to the network was seen as being a negative one. The fact that they offer so many promos resulted in a huge number of professional players moving to the site from rival skins.

Because of this, their winner to casual player ratio was much higher than the network average. If a network is full of winning players, they will all eventually move elsewhere to find sites that have more fish. So once their ratio passed a certain point the network restricted all their players to a maximum of 4 tables. Many professional players can play more than 10 tables at a time, so by enforcing this rule, they were essentially forcing a lot the pros to leave Stan James and move elsewhere.

Personally speaking any more than 3 tables at a time makes my head spin, but if you are one of the sickos that can play umpteen tables at a time, then Stan James is not the place to play. Please note this does not apply to sitngo or tournaments; only to cash games.

Easy to Deposit and then Some

With Stan James being a big name in gambling, you would expect all of the main deposit bases to be covered. And again they pass this test with flying colours. You can make deposits with debit and credit cards, with Skrill, with Neteller and with Paysafecard. As an added bonus there is also a Paypal option. I do a lot of shopping on eBay and other online stores, so I usually keep money in my Paypal account. It also saves the hassle of having to use a credit card for funding your account, though most people don’t mind doing this.

Final Thoughts on Stan James Poker

Stan James is a household name in the gambling industry and Microgaming is a software provider and network you can rely on. When you put the two together, you won’t go far wrong. There is a great welcome bonus, a truckload of value-added promotions and a wide array of choices for moving money in and out of the site. Their 4 table limit for cash games shouldn’t be a big issue unless you’re a huge grinder. Overall Stan James Poker is a well-rounded poker site that I feel very comfortable recommending to my readers. They may not be the biggest name on the MPN network, but they’re undoubtedly one of the best.

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