PokerLoco Review

Rating: 4
PokerLoco Review
Up To €1000 Welcome Bonus

PokerLoco is part of the Loco brand, which is a market leader in Latin America, and it is a relative newcomer on MPN having moved over in 2014.

The website is lacking in some areas with an outdated design and terrible customer support. Given that MPN has so many big brands with great promotions and top-notch customer support, there are very few reasons to choose PokerLoco. Our advice – stay away.

  • Up To €1000 Welcome Bonus For New Players
  • Up To 30% Rakeback Through Cashback Scheme
  • Earn Rakeback At The Same Time As Your Welcome Bonus
  • Part Of An Online Gaming Market Leader in Latin America


About PokerLoco

PokerLoco was founded in 2005 as part of Loco Online Entertainment. The poker room operated on the OnGame network before moving over to MPN in 2014. The Loco brand is a market leader in online gaming in Latin American, providing two casino rooms via CasinoLoco. Like several other poker sites, including Red Star Poker, the company is licensed from Curaco, Netherlands Antilles.

Here you can find out everything you need to know about PokerLoco, from the look of the site to how trusted it is in the poker community. The new player welcome package and ongoing loyalty scheme is examined to ensure you get the best value, before looking at how to get your money on and off the site. To finish up you can see how their support operates, so you know what to expect when dealing with them for real.

PokerLoco’s Website

As soon as you land on PokerLoco’s homepage it presents you with a three-step guide which includes opening an account, getting your bonus and how to start winning. Whereas most sites encourage you to download the software, PokerLoco’s main button is Open Account, which is ok if you are prepared to be on their mailing list.

The site itself is predominantly poker felt green with yellow buttons and a red tab bar containing links to the other poker pages. The font used and design makes the site feel a bit dated, although the graphics used for the different promotions look really good.

There is a lot of text for FAQs and items like ‘Poker School’ although the site does seem to be lacking in certain areas. Items such as Bonuses, Loyalty Points and Tournaments seem to be covered only briefly, with an image rather than in detail. It may be the case that PokerLoco feel their approach attracts more recreational players rather than experienced ones, or it could be more a case that recent updates have not been carried out properly.

Can I Trust PokerLoco?

PokerLoco have come under criticism on the forums for withholding player and affiliate funds throughout their history. The majority of the times PokerLoco appear to carry out checks on the players, which is fair enough in theory. Unfortunately with these claims appearing every year it has to be questioned why checks are not in place to scrutinise players closer on registration and during play rather than cash out.

This site does not appear to be a scam site, as these situations have previously been resolved although it has taken some time and effort on behalf of the player.

If you do choose to play there I would only keep amounts of money online that you would be willing to wait for if needed.

Does PokerLoco Have Mobile Apps?

There is currently no mobile support for Poker Loco, although an app is promised in the future. You should be able to connect onto the web browser client via an Android device if you wish.

PokerLoco’s New Player Welcome Bonus

When you log onto PokerLoco for the first time you will be asked to select your bonus level, either Beginner, Intermediate or Professional, which have different bonus amounts from €50 up to €1000. It does not appear that you need a minimum deposit to unlock any bonus amount, you just have to specify which one you are aiming for.

You then play at the real money tables and loyalty points are awarded for every raked hand you contribute to or tournament fee you pay. Once you achieve enough points your bonus is unlocked. The loyalty points are gained at a rate of 10 points per $1 raked.

The bonus is not released in increments, instead you have 60 days to release the full bonus from when you signed up. The offer is limited to one account per household.

In total you have to rake roughly 5x the amount of your bonus in order to release it. This gives you the equivalent of 20% rakeback. It is a rough calculation because as the loyalty points are awarded in one currency and the bonus is paid in another, there are small adjustment for changes in exchange rates.

PokerLoco’s VIP Cashback Scheme, Up To 30%

The Cashback scheme on PokerLoco can be found under the VIP tab. This is your rakeback.

As you play you will gain loyalty points at a rate of 10 points per $1 raked, the same as the bonus. The more points you get the higher VIP level you achieve. When you wish to exchange your loyalty points you will cash them in at the rate awarded to your VIP level. Your VIP level remains in place until the end of the next calendar month and points can be kept for 180 days.

The different levels work out as following:
Points Needed Cashback
Silver 0 – 499 10%
Gold 500 – 999 15%
Platinum 1000 – 2999 20%
Diamond 3000+ 30%

Simply put the more you play, the more you receive back.

The good news is that this rakeback is being earned at the same time as your welcome bonus, allowing you to gain up to 50% rakeback. Other sites on MPN do offer a better tiered system while others give all players 30% as standard.

How to deposit and withdraw funds

There are four methods of getting money on and off PokerLoco. The first, and preferred by most players, is with a credit card. Both Visa and MasterCard are accepted, although you will not be able to withdraw back to a MasterCard.

You can deposit by a Paysafecard if it is available in your area. These are prepaid vouchers you can buy from local retailers, meaning you do not have to put any banking details online. Again this method does not support withdrawals.

Particularly if you play on a lot of sites you may wish to use NETeller or Skrill. These are e-wallets which can move money online quickly and easily, plus you do not have to keep entering your details everywhere with them.

Finally PokerLoco offers Direct Debit, which I trust is just a bank transfer rather than a facility for you to make regular monthly payments to your account!

Poor Support Page and Average Response

PokerLoco’s support page appears disorganised currently. Whether it has been forgotten about while they switch networks is uncertain, although there does appear to be efforts to patch up the issues.

The support page is located under the Help button, then under a second tab, ‘Customer Service’. The main Help ‘Overview’ does provide a lot of FAQs although it is a lot of text in small fonts that could be off putting to some players.

The actual customer service page is largely taken up by a submission form, which according to the red text above it, is not working. While the issues are being resolved you are given the choice of either using the email address provided or Live Chat via an icon, apparently on my right. As there was no icon on my right, I opted to send an email.

The reply to my query regarding bonus release came back within 2 hours, which is a decent response time and better than I expected. The reply was pretty much cut and pasted unfortunately and directed me to my answer rather than just telling me what I wanted to know. Like the response time this was adequate, although other MPN sites do it better.

In Summary – Disappointed by PokerLoco

PokerLoco is behind other MPN sites offering similar but better products. As they are relatively new to the site it can be hoped this will improve with time.

Overall the website is unprofessional in its appearance. It looks like it just wants you on a mailing list, there are pages with little or no information and parts do not work. The PokerLoco name is not the best with some isolated cash out concerns over the years. Meanwhile bonuses, promotions and customer support were ok, although by no means the best on the network.

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