TrioBet Poker Review

Rating: 8
TrioBet Poker Review
A Detailed Guide to Triobet Poker on MPN

Triobet was originally part of Nordic Gaming before Betsson’s acquisition of the group. The TrioBet brand continues to be used on its sports book and casino site. It is best known for its online poker room, which it proclaims to be the biggest in the Baltics.

Triobet remains a trusted operator in the online poker market, thanks to good welcome bonuses and 30% rakeback. It is an especially good choice for those residing in northern European countries that can benefit most from the Triobet Live packages.

  • $1000 Welcome Bonus For New Players
  • $25 Bonus For Recreational Players
  • 30% Rakeback For All Triobet Customers
  • Triobet Live Packages for Northern Europeans


About Triobet

Founded in 2005, Triobet was originally part of Nordic Gaming before Betsson’s acquisition of the group in April 2012. Since the takeover the TrioBet brand continues to be used on its sports book and casino site, although the company is best known for its online poker room. Triobet has offices and holds online gambling licences in both Malta and Estonia, ensuring it can operate legally across Europe. Triobet has partnered with MicroGaming software to run its poker site and is part of their network, the MPN.

This review provides you with everything you need to know about the online poker offerings of Triobet. Here you can find out about what sets this MPN site apart from the others, including information on its reputation. As a new player on the site you can see what bonus offers are available to you, in addition to their regular loyalty programs.

Easy to Navigate Website

When you open the Triobet Poker webpage you see a main display showing current promotions and tabs allowing you to visit the other sections, such as the casino site. You can find a full list of current poker offerings in text down the right hand side of the screen.

The languages in which you can choose to view Triobet’s site are English, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian or Russian. The number of players online is clearly presented and the download button for the poker client is highlighted in green. Overall it feels dated compared to other sites and visually there seems to be a lot going on to take players off the poker page. Unlike other MPN sites it does not offer a browser client.

Can Triobet Be Trusted?

Since its launch in 2005 there have been no complaints placed against Triobet, with the exception of a vocal few on the forums who have had accounts banned for breaching terms of service. Up until 2012 Triobet was linked closely with its parent company flagship brand, Nordic Bet, and both were seen as reliable and trustworthy operators.

This site is now owned by Betsson AB, who is listed on NASDAQ OMX Nordic stock exchange. Betsson has interests in all the major European markets and was awarded the ‘Online Sportsbook Operator of the Year’ in 2012.

No Mobile Options

While Triobet offer mobile apps for their casino and sports betting sites, there is currently no offering for mobile poker.

New Player Bonus

Triobet offers players four different options in terms of their first deposit bonus. They range from a €10 bonus right up to a massive €1,000 bonus. When deciding which bonus code to use, players must be realistic and consider which bonus they can expect to clear within the 60 day duration of the bonus.

PKRFDB10 – This code gives you a €10 bonus. This is very suited to the players playing the lowest stakes or if you are unable to get much volume in.  It is released in 100 blocks of 10 cent. The bonus gives a 20% rebate on the amount of rake paid so to clear this full bonus you will need to pay a total of €50 in rake.

PKRFDB25 – This code gives you a potential bonus of €25. It is released in €1 increments. Again you will earn your 20% rakeback from the bonus so will need to pay a total of €125 in rake to release this full bonus. This should be achievable for most players.

PKRFDB250 – This code will allow you to earn up to €250 from your deposit bonus. It will be released in 50 blocks of €5. This is probably the code I would reccomend for most players. Although it is unlikely the most of you will pay the €1,250 in rake to clear the full amount – as it is released in such low increments you will be rewarded with this extra 20% rakeback during your first two months on the site.

PKRFDB1000 – This code allows you a bonus up to €1,000. This is for the really heavy grinders or higher stakes players. It is released in 100 blocks of €10. With each segment requring €50 worth of tournament fees or rake paid, it really is tough to clear. Clearing the full €1,000 will be a tough task but I’m sure you will have fun trying!

Triobet also gives all sign ups 6 tickets to the weekly New Player Freeroll, with a €500 prize-pool. These run on Wednesdays and do not require a deposit. Later that day, accounts younger than 6 weeks can play in a €500 guaranteed Turbo tournament with a buy-in of just €1.10.

Up to 30% rakeback available

Triobet have a four tier loyalty program. This begins with the entry level status of a ‘Baby Shark’ right up to the highest level of ‘Fisherman’. Loyalty points are earned at a rate of 10 for every $1 spent in rake or tournament fees. Below I have outlined the requirements and rewards for each section of Triobet’s loyalty program.

Baby Shark – As mentioned this is the entry level of the loyalty program. By earning between 1 and 499 loyalty points in a given month you will remain at this level. At this level you earn a rakeback of 10%.

Shark – The second level of the system is Shark. Earning anywhere between 500 and 999 points will have you placed on this tier. This means if you pay at least $50 worth of rake or tournament fees you will see the rewards of the Shark level. At this level you will earn a rakeback of 15%.

Killer Whale – The third tier of the system is named Killer Whale. On a monthly basis  a killer whale is required to earn between 1,000 and 2,999 loyalty points. This is the equivalent of paying a minumum of $100 in rake. Earning this level will entitle you to a 20% rakeback.

Fisherman – This is the highest rank available on Triobet. A Fisherman is described as anyone that earns more than 3,000 loyalty points per month. This is no easy task, you will need to pay over €300 in rake or tournament fees per month to attain this level. By doing so you will be rewarded with a 30% rakeback. This is very competetive with other loyalty programs on MPN.

Compete for Triobet Live Packages Online

Players on Triobet gain access to exclusive satellite tournaments, which award seats in the ‘Triobet Live’ and ‘Live 300’ events. Triobet Live events award packages with €70 seats and €30 travel expenses. These are targeted at players in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania who can also pick up bonuses for final tabling the event after qualifying online.

Getting Your Money On and Profits off

There are several options to get money on and off Triobet, including all the major cards and eWallets. Confusingly, it does appear information on deposits on their website is somewhat out of date and some methods listed do not exist. If you plan to deposit using any options outside of the biggest cards and eWallets, then I recommend you check with customer support first

Triobet charge a 2.25% fee for deposits using some cards – again, if you are not sure then check with support.

The Good and Bad of Triobet’s Support

For any questions or queries the site support can be contacted either via email or live chat. Support via live chat is only in English while email support is available in the five languages supported by the site – English, Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian.

The live chat responded quickly and was happy to answer my question in a friendly and efficient manner. The same was true of email, where I received a reply from Olaf after about 40 minutes -which was very fast for poker sites in general.

Unfortunately the support is pretty much limited to office hours. All support is only open between 09:00 and 20:00 CET, with some language options opening later and closing earlier than others. Russian, Estonian and Lithuanian support is even closed Saturday and Sunday. As online poker’s peak times are evenings and weekends this is poor and would cause much frustration and concern for players with issues.

Summing It Up – Why Triobet Offers Good Value

Triobet remains a trusted operator in the online poker market. The welcome bonus is generous and 30% rakeback adds a nice weekly boost to your bankroll. Triobet is an especially good choice if you are from a northern European country, as you can gain extra value from the Triobet Live packages on offer. The downside is their website does needs an update in certain areas and having little or no support at peak playing times is a concern.

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